Model T Ford Club of South Africa


Welcome to the Model T Ford Club of South Africa. The club was established on 5 November 2016 and is represented in six regions, each with a champion. The club provides a platform for Model T Ford owners and enthusiasts to interact, share and obtain technical assistance for the maintenance of their cars. We also encourage members to showcase their cars to the public and generate interest, especially among the younger generation to acquire and preserve these cars for future generations. 

Regular events in the form of regional outings, national tours and virtual Technical Evenings are organised where members can enjoy and share their passion for these cars.

It is not necessary to own a Model T Ford to become a member of the club. Anyone with a passion for Model T or earlier Fords may join and become part of the Model T Ford family.


To encourage future generations to own, maintain, rebuild and enjoy the heritage that the Model T represents.


The club organises events and outings to share the privilege of being the custodian or a Model T.


The club publishes a quarterly newsletter, The T-Time. Get the latest news, views and projects.


The club organises technical information meetings to share the technical knowledge related to the Model T.

“Die liefde vir die bewaring en gebruik van die Model T Ford bind mense saam, wat met hul entoesiasme en ywer, met verloop van tyd ‘n “Model T Ford familie” word.”

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Philip Kuschke


Club Membership

The club aims to expand membership to any person who owns or shows interest in a Model T or earlier Ford and encourages members to drive and display their Model T Fords in view of the general public as often as possible.


Whether you’re curious about Model T’s, wanting to join the club, or even just get involved, we’re here to answer any questions.